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Spectrophotometry (SP)

Reference Range(s)

AgeMale (mg/dL)Female (mg/dL)
≤2 days0.79-1.580.79-1.58
3-27 days0.35-1.230.35-1.23
1 month-9 years0.20-0.730.20-0.73
10-12 years0.30-0.780.30-0.78
13-15 years0.40-1.050.40-1.00
16-17 years0.60-1.200.50-1.00
18-19 years0.60-1.260.50-1.00
20-49 years0.60-1.350.50-1.10
50-59 years0.70-1.330.50-1.05
60-69 years0.70-1.250.50-0.99
70-79 years0.70-1.180.60-0.93
≥80 years0.70-1.110.60-0.88
For patients >49 years of age, the upper reference limit for creatinine is approximately 13% higher for people identified as African-American.
eGFR Non-African American≥60 mL/min/1.73m2
eGFR African American≥60 mL/min/1.73m2

Clinical Significance

Serum creatinine is useful in the evaluation of kidney function and in monitoring renal dialysis. A serum creatinine result within the reference range does not rule out renal function impairment: serum creatinine is not sensitive to early renal damage since it varies with age, gender and ethnic background. The impact of these variables can be reduced by an estimation of the glomerular filtration rate using an equation that includes serum creatinine, age and gender.

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