Bringing Down the Cost of Health Care One Lab Test at a Time!
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How it Works SaveOnLabs

1. Choose and order your lab tests.
2. Find the nearest lab through our lab locator. We recommend a lab, but you can choose another nearby. Make sure if you are ordering for another person to include their name in the shipping address.
3. First you will receive your invoice by email. Within 1 business day you will receive an email with access to your requisition which is approved by our physicians.
4. Print the emailed requisition form and take it with you to your local lab to get tested.
5. Receive your confidential results within 2-7 business days via email.

Please note that SaveOnLabs does not provide services for insurance or Medicare reimbursement. That's one of the ways we are able to help you save.
Lab tests online are not available in New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.
The patient must be over 18 yrs old to order.
You may use your requisition at any approved labs in another state, just put the address of your chosen lab site in the shipping address.

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We Are Bringing Down the Cost of Health Care One Lab Test at a Time!

Get the Lowest Prices and Visit your Local Lab. No Doctor's Visit Needed
No Hidden costs. No surprising bills.
25% of Americans have skipped a recommended lab test because of financial concerns.

Whether you are uninsured, dealing with high deductibles, or simply require confidential lab testing, helps you to keep more money in your pocket by providing access to self-paid medical lab tests at up to 70% off retail rates.

Additional Information
There is a 10% fee on all returned orders. Your order is processed through our physician's network which prevents us from offering a full refund, so make sure your order is correct. There are no refunds after 30 days or once your blood has been drawn.