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At, we pride ourselves on providing a service that really makes a difference in the quality of our customers' lives. We also value the feedback that we receive from our customers and use it to continually improve our test offerings, processes and customer service.

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My Experience: Unbelievable Savings on Lab Tests

I just tried SaveOnLabs for the first time. At first I had doubts if the savings advertised were going to be true. To me satisfaction and surprise I paid exactly what they advertised and got trustworthy results from my lab tests right the day after samples were taken at the local LabCorp office. When I compare what I paid now against what I had to pay out of pockets the last time I had a lab test done at another lab chain (I have no insurance), I am saving around $250!

How do they do it!? I will surely keep using this service as long as it keeps going this way. Thank you SaveOnLabs!!

S. T.

Margate, FL

Very Positive Experience

I came by the lab yesterday for a few blood tests before going to see my doctor for new prescriptions. I'd heard of Savonlabs on a local website and couldn't be more pleased with your service and prices, particularly compared to our local Quest testing service, which charges far more for the same tests. I like very much that I can order the tests and receive the results myself. And I see today that you are by FAR faster than them. Your [LabCorp's] phlebotomist, Cheryl, I believe, was a one woman show and although it was very busy, she kept her sense of humor and was very pleasant. Definitely beyond the call of duty! So MANY THANKS and I'll me back in a few months!

D. B.

Longmont, CO

I Like!

Having someway to get a discount on lab work is a must in my book. is straight forward and you know how much the charges are up front.   The prices are much less than just walking into a testing lab with no insurance.   Before I knew about I went to Quest and was billed $460.00 for tests that would have cost $177.90 had I used that is a savings of $282.10!


Boulder, Colorado

Dear Dr. Lange, Gwendolyn and staff,

I wanted to thank you all for creating such a valuable service for the community and beyond.   Recently I've been faced with health challenges that require periodic blood tests.  With no insurance, I was shocked to discover the astronomical cost of lab work.    After spending hours researching, it became painfully apparent that the health care providers and insurance companies were the ones receiving the cost benefit, while the consumers were left paying ridiculously high prices, often in excess of ten times the amount charged to professional organizations.  

While searching for a more cost effective alternative, I discovered SaveOnLabs.  What a great way to give back to the community--allowing patients to request lab tests directly at a substantially reduced cost!  I've just used SaveOnLabs for the first time and am very impressed.  The website was informative and very easy to use.   I had a question and phoned the number on the web site and received a call back within the hour from Dr. Lange--thank you for your responsiveness.  The lab facilities and technician were outstanding and I received detailed test results within four days.

Most important is the gift of patient empowerment that SaveOnLabs provides--allowing people to take an active role in managing their own health care.   And for this, I thank you once again!



Boulder, Colorado

Very fast service and huge savings! Thank you

 K. K.

Seguin, Texas

Thanks so much for offering this service.  I was able to get my labs done quickly and inexpensively.  I will use your service again!


Parkton, Maryland

Hi Gwendolyn,

I wanted to provide some feedback to your service.  I was so surprised that I could order lab results online.  My doctor sent me over there to do the same test results and they wanted $430 so I declined.  I came home and found that I could order them online and it cost me $191.  I wish the public knew more about this service and especially for those that don’t have insurance.  I have been telling everyone and I  know and may even write to the local newspapers to get the word out.  It is a great way to save money on healthcare.  Especially for those that get regular blood work done.


S. B.

Midlothian, Virginia

More Than Satisfied

I was surprised at how fast I received my test result!! My labwork was done yesterday afternoon, and I got my results this morning.  That was just awesome!

M. V.

Pomona, California

To Whom It May Concern:

I am thoroughly pleased with my first transaction with SaveOnLabs. The process of selecting and paying for a test was simple, I found a LabCorp location very close to my home, and was able to make an appointment online within minutes.  I provided my specimen on a Friday morning and by early Monday morning I was emailed the results by your company.  Best of all, I saved about 50% on the cost of the lab testing.


Oakland, California

Thank You!

I am so thankful for your service and so glad that self-directed testing is available.  You have no idea how important your service is to my good health!


Houston, Texas

I am a skeptical person by nature. I was not sure would really work. But I was willing to try because the price of the lab tests were about 1/2 the price of my regular lab. I emailed with my doctor's lab orders. Within a couple of hours I received an email from showing me the price of the tests and a link to order the tests. I followed the instructions on the website and paid for the labs.

Then, I printed the lab requisition and took it to a  Labcorp facility.

Labcorp accepted the paperwork and didn't ask for additional payment. I received the results from the labwork within 2 days. even forwarded the paperwork to my doctor. The whole process worked just as the website said it would. I am a believer in

V. G.

Peoria, Arizona

I love SaveOnLabs, this was my first experience with them but they went beyond my expectations. I'll be using them again in the future, in fact I'll be using them again today!

Thanks SaveOnLabs.

H. F. J.

Aurora, Colorado

So happy to have found  I was spending well over $1000.00 a year on lab tests that were not covered by insurance. The savings from provides much needed relief in these economic times.  

N. K.

Atlanta, Georgia

Good Experience was easy to use and I got my test results in only 48 hrs. Very nice service.

L. C.

Charlotte, North Carolina

Taking advantage of the savings when using, as well as the ease of use of the website was a great experience. I was able to get the test results quickly and had them in hand before going to my doctor; that way we could go over the results together, which kind of made me feel empowered actually. I only had a slight problem with missing info on my Lab Requisition form (no signature from Dr. Lange), but that was resolved quickly, with no hassle.

Overall, I felt great about it and I felt  more "in charge" when it comes to my healthcare.

Thanks again,

C. B. 

Hamilton, Ohio

Great Service!

We lost our COBRA and I need regular blood levels drawn for certain medications. SAVEONLABS.COM is a wonderful service that lets me use the same lab provider which my old insurance company had me use.

Thank You So Much!

K. J.

Arlington, Virginia

I very much llike your service of offering blood testing without me having to go to my doctor.  It is very convenient and resonable in cost. I was also impressed by the quickness of the test results and the password protestion feature.  I would certainly recommend your service to my contacts. 

Thanks for your service.

R. G.

Troy, Michigan

Hi Gwendolyn:

Thank you again. I really appreciate the savings I was able to get with your company over my regular doctor's lab. ;-)



Oregon City, Oregon

Thank you for being fast and accurate. The cost savings are substantial. Great customer service!

K. B.

San Diego, California