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Female Hormonal Health Screen
Female Hormonal Health Screen
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Female Hormone Panel

Female Comprehensive Hormone Panel Blood Test (Estradiol, Estrogens, DHEA, Testosterone, Progesterone)

The Female Hormone Blood Panel is a blood test panel of 5 blood tests which is used to determine a female's current hormonal health balance profile.

This female hormone blood panel includes following tests:

  • Estradiol Test (CPT code 4021)
  • Total Estrogens Test (CPT code 439)
  • DHEA Test (CPT code 402)
  • Free and Total Testosterone Test (CPT code 36170)
  • Progesterone Test (CPT code 745)

Estradiol Female Hormone Test

Helps to find out whether there are menstrual cycle abnormalities, fertility issues, tumors and vaginal bleedings.

Total Estrogens Test

Total Estrogens hormone test aims to indicate overall status of estrogen hormones.


DHEA or Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate test is used when a woman develops escessive facial and body hair, experiences absence of menstrual periods and to diagnose various infertility conditions.

Free and Total Testosterone Test

Helps to diagnose polycystic ovary syndrome, congenital adrenal hyperplasia and ovarian or adrenal gland tumor conditions.

Progesterone Test

Progesterone hormone test is used to monitor early pregnancy, fetal health, ovulation, to determine a set of infertility causes and other applications.

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