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Blood Test For Food Allergies

Alternative Name: ImmunoCAP®; CPT Code(s): 86003 (x12)

Food allergy blood test helps to diagnose suspected allergic reactions on 12 specific food products: clam, shrimp, walnut, milk, soybean, wheat, egg white, sesame seed, peanut, corn (maize), scallop and cod fish.

The purpose of the food allergy blood test

The practical application of this food allergy panel is two-fold. First, the results of this test will help to avoid foods that may cause allergic reactions, and, second, avoid unnecessary dietary restrictions that may adversely affect quality of nutrition, thus affecting health in general.

How Is the Blood Test for Food Allergies Performed?

Ideally, this test should be preceded by physical examination and clinical history research in order to determine and evaluate gastrointestinal and respiratory symptoms

Two different methods of food allergy blood testing can be applied depending on severity of possible reaction - in vitro (a test on extracted sample) and in vivo (test on the body). Patients at risk of severe anaphylactic reactions should be tested in vitro.

Methodology used in this test is Immunoassay

This food allegy test includes IgE allergy testing for:

  • Clam (f207)
  • Codfish (f3)
  • Egg white (f1)
  • Maize/Corn (f8)
  • Cow's Milk (f2)
  • Peanut (f13)
  • Scallop (f338)
  • Sesame seed (f10)
  • Shrimp (f24)
  • Soybean (f14)
  • Walnut (f256)
  • Wheat (f4)

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