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The Blood Code Progress Panel

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The Blood Code Progress Panel

The Blood Code Progress Panel is an essential and affordable test panel that you can do quarterly to annually to assure your progress is in-line with your true health potential. The Blood Code guides you to find what genuinely works for your health recovery, but you don’t need to have blind faith that it’s right for you. The Progress Panel is an objective beacon to assure your dietary, fitness and nutritional habits truly lead you away from metabolic disease, like type 2 and pre-diabetes, and toward a life you were meant to live – lean, energetic and healthy.

Preparation: Fast for 10-16 hours, overnight. Drink enough water and take your prescribed medications. Do not do substantial exercise prior to the test.

Complete Blood Count with Differential [CBCD]
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Serum Insulin
Lipid Panel

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