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CPT Code(s)



Ion Specific Electrode (ISE)

Reference Range(s)

<8 Months Not established
8 Months-10 Years4.9-5.4 mg/dL
11-17 Years4.8-5.3 mg/dL
Adult4.8-5.6 mg/dL

Clinical Significance

The ionized calcium is determined by an ion selective electrode methodology. The result that is generated is pH adjusted. The result is empirically based on a measured pH and ionized calcium concentration normalized to a pH of 7.40. This calculation compensates for in vitro changes in pH due to loss of CO2 through specimen handling. Ionized calcium represents the true "bioavailable" calcium in the circulation. In situations where the total calcium is normal but does not fit the clinical picture, e.g., hyperparathyroidism, a determination of the ionized calcium will, many times, show an elevation in the "bioavailable" calcium component. This may be due to alterations in protein concentrations, especially albumin, that binds most of the calcium in the circulation.

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