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AST (SGOT) Blood Test

Aspartate Transaminase Blood Test

CPT Code(s)



Spectrophotometry (SP)

Reference Range(s)

Male (U/L)Female (U/L)
<1 Month3-513-49
1-11 Months3-653-79
1-3 Years3-563-69
4-6 Years20-3920-39
7-19 Years12-3212-32
20-49 Years10-40
20-44 Years 10-30
≥45 Years 10-35
≥50 Years10-35

Clinical Significance

AST is widely distributed throughout the tissues with significant amounts being in the heart and liver. Lesser amounts are found in skeletal muscles, kidneys, pancreas, spleen, lungs, and brain. Injury to these tissues results in the release of the AST enzyme to general circulation. In myocardial infarction, serum AST may begin to rise within 6-8 hours after onset, peak within two days and return to normal by the fourth or fifth day post infarction. An increase in serum AST is also found with hepatitis, liver necrosis, cirrhosis, and liver metastasis.

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